If you didnít already know, the UK government will require fully collaborative 3D BIM (with all project and asset information, documentation and data being electronic) as a minimum by 2016.
With the newly released PAS 1192-2:2013 (which specifies requirements for achieving BIM Level 2) there is no better time to pull together your BIM library and read the available protocols and guides with more than a flickering glance.

Joe Bloggs architect still thinks BIM is a 'single building model' and I met Mr 'been with the company 15 years' yesterday, who announced 2D as the quickest, and only, route forward for his team. It's not only senior management that need to swot up, Mr Joe Bloggs needs to make an effort too. It may be that universal BIM has to wait for the retirement of 2D diehards, but your office may not have that long. The sooner everyone gets a handle on why the change is required and how it will impact them, the smoother the path will be.

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PAS 1192-2:2013

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1st of April 2013

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